Door to the Multiverse

My installation at the Vermont Studio Center, January 2019. The installation is approximately 15’ x 10’ wide (variable dimensions) and features objects made of acrylic, gouache, water soluble spray paint, and graphite on canvas, paper, paper mache, epoxy clay, wood, and cardboard. A sound element also accompanied the installation. Listen below.

The piece is a site responsive installation that represents an ethereal landscape that would perhaps be found in another dimension. The central painting is the size and shape of a door, stars pour out the back as though it has opened into outer space. “Moonrocks” fall and are depicted in various states of falling, “shadows” are materialized, a “wormhole” is envisioned as an anthropomorphized representation in physical space, an unrecognizable static, white object teeters, precariously pointing to another place in space. Ominious music sets the scene as a stage for events that have yet to unfold.